Happy Holidays

Kazoku Martial Arts Annual Potluck

Every year the members of Kazoku Martial Arts get together to celebrate the Holidays. It’s a time when everyone can get together to meet new faces or hangout with old ones. This year, we had a full-house as we welcomed all of our newest members since the start of the school year.

With food…



And awards were won!

  • Iain, Ethan and Sensei Jenn with “Coach of the Year”
  • Iain with “Athlete of the Year”
  • Tom with “Parent of the Year”
  • Addison with the “Gibson Award”.

So we look forward to finishing 2019 and starting 2020 with BIG changes. But until then, we wish everyone in our community and extended karate family the Happiest of Holidays (whatever they may be) and a Happy New Year!

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