Our Space is Growing

Once Again!

We are excited to share with everyone that we have officially out grown our current space in Downtown Galt. And after announcing the potential move almost 10 months ago, it’s finally happening as we complete the paperwork with Longs Holding Inc. and become new neighbours with Long and McQuade.

Our new location will be located at 175 Beverly St. Unit 2 in Cambridge, which is far more accessible for all of our amazing families and students. The new space will also feature:

  • Twice the square footage (3000 sq/ft)
  • More accessibility
  • Superior parking
  • Less obstruction (i.e. open concept)
  • A bigger waiting area for students
  • And so much more…

This space will give us the opportunity to provide more dynamic classes and it will allow our students to move around freely as we continue to grow.

However, this would not have been possible if it was not for one of our dojo family members and her partner at Royal LePage. Sandra and Gary came across this opportunity in its early stages and have been extremely patient with me while I bounced around with decisions. But after taking the time to sort everything out, the final steps are now within our reach.

We are now working with Steve Rock as he helps us organize all of the construction that needs to take place with the aim to be finished before April 1st. Until then, we will be getting the bathroom and utility room put together and start installing new lights and electrical outlets around the space.

It has been one MASSIVE project and a lot of learning curves. But in the end, it will be worth every moment!

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