Covid-19 Club Update

What Are We Doing?

With the threat of Covid-19 moving across Canada and the government taking action to prevent it from spreading any faster, we will be taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of all of our students/members.

We will:

  • Sanitize¬†our gear twice as often
  • Encourage our fitness members to continue wiping¬†down their equipment after each use
  • Reduce how often we make contact but to keep up the team spirit we will promote elbow bumps or our newly invented “foot fives“!
  • Reinforce washing hands and flushing after each bathroom use (please remind your little ones to flush!)
  • Sanitize your hands with the Purelle provided at the front of the club before and after class
  • Bring your own water bottle FULL to each class
  • Promote sneezing in your sleeve than in your hands

If you or anyone in your family is showing any signs of being sick, please stay home and avoid coming to the studio to prevent anything from spreading around.

For more information on what the Canadian Government is doing and how to reduce the risk of spreading it, please visit:

Ontario Government Health and Wellness
Canadian Government

James Wyatt

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