Virtual Dojo with Zoom

If you are not already aware by now, the world has had to take drastic measures and enforce social distancing to prevent spreading the virus we now all know as “Covid-19“. It’s a pretty scary time and has had major impacts on families, governments, and businesses everywhere; big or small.

However, the bright side is seeing how many people in our community taking the initiative to prevent it from spreading any further by isolating themselves within their homes and only going out when necessary.

But how about the business owners?

Well, heres the thing… social media is the perfect platform to encourage the world to stay connected and find ways to continue doing what they love to do… like teach karate! Our studio is offering online classes for their students and for anyone who would be interested in learning themselves, no matter the age. We’re calling this new program the Virtual Dojo.

Utilizing Zoom, Facebook, and our Instagram account we are able to continue sharing our knowledge. If you would like to know more please contact us and we will send you the details!

Good luck and please stay safe out there.

Sensei James / Owner and Head Instructor

One Reply to “Virtual Dojo with Zoom”

  1. Great Idea, I am using Zoom to contact my teammates. Everyone should be concern about the recent pandemic. Stay Safe, Stay Home.


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