Our Safety Procedures

Our Step-by-Step Process to Ensure Safe Training

With the Province gradually reopening the economy, our studio has been given permission by our National Sport Organization – Karate Canada, our Provincial Sport Organization – the Ontario Karate Federation, and the Waterloo Regional By-law to continue practicing within our studio.

So what steps are we taking to ensure the safety of our students and our community?

We are…

  • Following the Region’s guidelines for each reopening phase
  • Maintaining a 3m distance between students
  • Wearing face coverings while working indoors
  • Checking each student’s body temperatures before class
  • Limiting the number of students within each class
  • The disinfectant we are using is medical grade and mandated by the Canadian Government
  • Monitoring ourselves and our students for any signs/symptoms
  • Our facility is 3000 sq/ft with a training area that is 1560 sq/ft with high ceilings and plenty of ventilation
  • We have a hand-washing station and a separate bathroom that is cleaned after each use (though students are encouraged to go when they are home before class!)
  • Continuously monitoring the situation within our region and keeping our families informed

Physical activity is extremely important for all of us but especially our children. Physical activity helps to build their immune system and mentally destress during this crazy time. Our classes also give our students a chance to socialize again with their friends and snap them out of any funk they may be in from months of social distancing.

And if you are interested in hearing more about our programs, we would love to hear from you as we are accepting new students at this time.

To email us, click here.

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