Alternative Ways to Train

Here are four alternative methods to achieve your goal without training in person

Alright, we have now surpassed the one year mark for Covid-19 and we are still in lockdown #3.


No… no woo! This is is frustrating and annoying and well… we all feel the same way.

In fact, the word someone used for me last week was “Languished” – to lose or lack vitality. What a great word, especially now! The feeling of not wanting to progress is the right emotion.

But, we can not succumb to defeat since there are still opportunities around every single corner, even if it isn’t the way we want to do it. So whether you are working on your personal fitness goals with me (James – your personal trainer) or training in karate with… also me (Sensei James) here are four simple ways to still progress even if we are not meeting in person.

Read or Listen to an Audiobook

Physically training is only part of your practice. Reading or listening to an audiobook/podcast can provide great insight to help you achieve your goals. It might even unlock some more potential; i.e. an understanding of how carbs work or Japanese terminology I keep using in class! I know it’s not for everyone. Fun fact: I was not much of a reader myself, but I found what it is I’m interested in and I go with it. I’m nearly done my 30th book since April 2020 and that is a personal best!

Actually I never had a personal best… so this is now my bench mark. Haha.

Access Your Student Portal or Trainer App

Through the power of Martialytics and Traing For You, we have the power to provide you with things to practice on your own. Plus track your progress by seeing you complete your workouts or the number of times people have clicked on our tutorial videos.

It’s one way to keep yourself fresh so when you return you don’t feel like you are starting over.

It similar to how I need to train since I only see my instructor once every month if I’m lucky. I need to put in the work on my own in order to progress and not just rely on my Sensei seeing me. Otherwise, I’m only getting one class a month!! I would not progress very fast.

Contact Me! Your Coach/Instructor/Sensei

Stay in touch and don’t be a stranger. With Emails, Zoom, Instagram, Facebook, even snail mail there are plenty of ways to stay in touch. It helps reinforce our connection even though we are apart.

Join Us on Zoom

Fine, you don’t like online training… but why not hop in a class once or twice. It will help keep you in the know with everything that is going on. Plus it would be nice to see your face.

If you didn’t know, we offer classes for all of our karate students plus group fitness classes to keep our KMAthletes in tip-top-shape.

Can you think of any other ways to train while we aren’t together? Let us know!

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