How to Properly Clean Your Tatami Mats

Without using a mop

Ever wonder how to clean your tatami mats properly?

Because no matter how much I googled and YouTubed, nothing ever came up. It’s like some top secret thing.

So let me make it easy for you.

Mopping doesn’t = clean

It’s great for a quick once over but on a weekly basis you should do a deep clean to really disinfect and scrub up the dirt left behind from your students.

So I had tried the Bissell Pet vacuum, which worked well but took FOREVER.

And I came across commercial machines but they’re far too expensive.

But then I found the Bissell Green Machine. It comes either in a commercial grade or a household one which only costs $499.99. It still takes a little while but it doesn’t need to be refilled every few feet and does a much deeper clean than the regular vacuum.

So there you go! It’s that simple. I just hate how long it took me to realize that. I hope it helps fellow dojo owners!

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