A Successful Kick-A-Thon

Making our way to the Olympics, one kick at a time!

The Olympic Games are just under 100 days away and it has all of us hyped up since it will be the debut for Karate as an Olympic Sport. Amongst the athletes who will be competing our kumite instructor, Sensei Hamoon and his wife Sensei Samira, will be headed to the games; a dream come true for these two.

But it does not come with its own challenges, especially with the global issue we have all been fighting against throughout 2020 and into 2021.

Does that stop us?

Heck no!

Kazoku Martial Arts in Cambridge, Advanced Martial Arts in Hamilton, Driftwood Martial Arts in Kitchener, Dojo Seienchin in London, Charles Fink’s Dojo in Garson, and Shinkaryu in Quebec City joined together to kick over 10,331 times (the distances from Cambridge to Tokyo) in order to bring awareness to Sensei Hamoon’s Gofundme to support his Olympic Journey.

Within one hour we were able to raise over another $2000 and it’s still climbing!

With additional raffle baskets and other methods to assist in raising money, we believe we will achieve nearly $4000 to $5000.

So thank-you once again for all of the support given from the other dojo’s as well as all of you who have donated towards this dream. If you would like to continue supporting our athlete, please visit his Gofundme today.

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