What to Expect When You Return

Some Potential Challenges When You Return

With our third lockdown officially over and we begin to enter the first Phase of Reopening (again), there are a few thoughts one might want to consider if they intend to return to in-person training. We have spent nearly 8 months learning online and while some found it difficult to participate, they may face some challenges when they return to the mats.

These are a couple of hard truths that should be considered before returning to class.

The Desire to Return

Being out of their regular routine for over a year may have their challenges, as I’m sure you are already aware of. Returning to karate may be one of them. Whatever challenges they have faced, the dojo is always here to support them and whatever they need in order to get over the challenges they have faced.

The Feeling They Have Fallen Behind

One of the hardest truths we need to accept is that there will be a number of students who feel like they have fallen behind. While online training isn’t ideal for most it does help keep people up to speed with what’s expected with their belt requirements.

How can you help? Have this conversation with your son/daughter that they can expect to feel a little behind, but it’s ok because we will get them up to speed!

Friends Who Have Advanced in Belt Levels

One of the hardest things kids face when coming to class is when they notice their friends have received a belt while they haven’t. It may seem like the obvious thing, however, it may play on their self-esteem when they come back. Some of their friends may have advanced during your time away.

Taking Constructive Criticisms

Prior to the third lockdown, some students had a hard time taking constructive notes during class. Obviously, learning online this whole time may make it seem weird to learn in-person again and find it frustrating.

Fitness Level

This may vary depending on the activities they took part in while in lockdown, but they may feel they can’t keep up with some of their friends during class. The aim will be to try and provide a gradual progress back into physical activity when we return to in-person class.

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