Four Athletes Went to the Vegas Open

Athletes from Kazoku Martial Arts went to compete in last weekend’s Vegas Open Tournament

The Vegas Open is one of the largest open tournaments within North America. Competitors from around the world travel there just to compete. And now four more, from Kazoku Martial Arts in Cambridge, Ontario, took on the challenge to bring home the gold for their dojo.

While in preparation for the event, our athletes had the privilege to watch the Senior Athletes compete in the North American Cup. They got to witness Melissa Bractic from Toronto win gold in her match, which was thrilling and exciting to watch; as well as Sakura Kokumai from the USA.

As the competition went on, it was clear to see that everyone was here to win. On top of that, USA Karate had started to implement the new rules brought forth by the World Karate Federation. With the pressure of some high performing athletes, we unfortunately did not bring home a medal. However, we had seen what it takes to compete in Vegas and strive to improve our game to win at next year’s event.

These opportunities allow our athletes to push themselves and explore more of the competitive karate world. With new and familiar competition, it’s always great to seek another chance grow. It’s important for everyone on the team to step outside of their comfort zone in order to become better.

We look forward to next years competition.

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