Karate and Group Fitness Class Schedule

Scroll down to view our entire class schedule for karate and for our group fitness program.


6-7pm: Ages 4-6 Karate
7-8pm: Learn to Lift
7-8pm: Ages 10-13 Beginner Karate
8-9pm: Adult Karate (14+)


6:30pm-7:30pm: OKF Kata Competition Class
6:30-7:30pm: Circuit Training


6-7pm: Learn to Lift
6-7pm: Ages 10-13 Beginner Karate
7-8pm: Ages 7-9 Karate
8-9pm: Ages 10-13 Intermediate Karate


6-7pm: Ages 4-6 Karate
7-8pm: OKF Kumite Competition Class
8-9pm: Adult Karate (14+)


6-7pm: Ages 7-9 Karate
7-8pm; Ages 10-13 Intermediate Karate


9-10am: Circuit Training
10-11am: Ages 4-6 Karate
11-12pm: Advanced training for beginner students (ages 7-13)
12-1pm: Advanced training for intermediate students (ages 7-13)


Closed – out saving the world!

Personal Training and any additional services are scheduled throughout the day. For further times/dates or any inquiries about our class schedule, please feel free to contact us.