Daily Discipline Challenge

“Any space can become your dojo. It’s not just one physical space.”

-Sensei James

Daily Discipline Challenge

When you think “karate” your first thoughts are PUNCHING!? KICKING!? and the amazing Bruce Lee!! However, martial arts may start off that way for most people but in its core it is all about building character and promoting self-discipline.

So here’s the deal… while we continue to work as a community to stop the spread of Covid-19, I’m challenging our students to keep up with their karate practice and other daily chores to earn points.

Those who earn the most points will win some fabulous prizes!

Prizes Include:

Equipment Bags

Re-Breakable Board

An Adorable Karate Giraffe

An Amazon Gift Card

The Challenge

Starts Monday, March 23, 2020


Students must keep track of their daily points. Points will be tallied up at the end of each week to win a prize. Whomever has the most points at the end of our isolation will win the Amazon Gift Card.

Parents will be required to act as a witness and sign-off on their kid’s points! Also, students who check in will be marked “present” on our attendance to move you towards the next belt exam!


  • Attend a live class (5 points)
  • Do a recorded class (3 points)
  • Watch and practice one of our Youtube videos (2 points)
  • Perform one of our Daily Facebook Workouts and tag us in a post either on Facebook or Instagram (3 points)
  • Get outside! (1 point)
  • Send me a “hello” and let me know how you’re doing (1 point)
  • Make your bed (1 point)
  • Tidy your room (1 point)
  • Eat a serving of your vegetables (2 points)
  • Other chores (1 point each – max 5 points daily)