I would like to offer you an opportunity to sponsor our new competitive karate team at Kazoku Martial Arts Centre. Our future athletes will have the chance to develop their athletic ability in competitions held at provincial, national, and international levels.

Your sponsorship will assist in reducing the cost of their required gear (i.e. sparring protection, proper uniforms, etc…), it will also provide training opportunities to enhance their skill level, and it will cover some of the travelling expenses.

In return we will feature your brand on our team t-shirts, banners, and website. We will mention our sponsors on social media posts through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Mailchimp. You will also receive a plaque with our team photo to hang in your business, showcasing your initiative in encouraging athletic development.

All proceeds will go towards our student’s athletic development.

If you would like to know more, please contact us either through e-mail or by phone.

E-mail: info@kazokumartialartscentre.com
Phone: 519.267.8882

Kindest regards,

James Wyatt
Owner and Head Instructor