Instructors of Kazoku Martial Arts

Kazoku Martial Arts

Sensei James Wyatt

With over 20 years experience training in the style of Goju Ryu Karate Do and certified under the NCCP, the ISSA, and Precision Nutrition, Sensei James has made it his mission to provide a safe and inclusive space for his community to learn the way of karate.

He travels to and from Japan to perfect his art and strives to provide only the best for his students.

Kazoku Martial Arts

Sensei Hamoon

Sensei Hamoon has dedicated his life to the sport of karate under the World Karate Federation. He has successfully earned the title of World Champion and has made his way to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021.

Now he devotes his time nurturing future athletes who wish to compete in National and International competitions within the WKF.

Sensei Samira

Sensei Samira is a former WKF athlete who coached her partner during the Tokyo Olympic games. She is now dedicating her time to help improve future athletes who wish to compete within the World Karate Federation.

Samira is a certified coach under the WKF as well as the International Olympic Committee.