Studio Policies

While our dojo continues to grow, we are putting in place a number of policies to help keep our studio organized, avoid any confusion, and to keep our students safe.


All students are required to start with our trial program. This will include a period which new students can come and learn as much as they can before signing up for a full membership.

Once the trial period is over, members must choose one of two pre-authorized payment options to continue. Members can choose either debit or credit.

Memberships must be paid on-time.

Competitive Training

Students who wish to join our competitive team are required to continue their regular training in the dojo for their belt requirements. Those who do not make an effort to attend regular training will not be permitted to join the next tournament.

Students who are joining us from outside of the Waterloo Region can train with our competitive team and discuss their options with Sensei James for regular training.

Cancellation Policy

Anyone who wishes to cancel their membership must do so before their next automatic payment is withdrawn; 14 days written notice is required to pause or cancel memberships. If the payment is withdrawn, it is non-refundable, and the student will have the option to use their membership for the next two weeks.

If you are not actively using your membership, invoices will continue for one full month (4 weeks) before your membership is cancelled. It will be assumed that you are no longer attending our program.

Anyone who has not provided us with a written notice of their cancellation will be required to cover any outstanding amounts if they wish to return.

Students who have either stopped their membership or assumed to have left will be put on our waiting list if they wish to return.

Any credit towards unused classes will expire after 3 months if written notice has not been provided.

Karate Ontario Memberships

As an active member of Karate Ontario (KO), our Provincial Sport Organization (PSO), it is mandatory for us to register each and every student in order to maintain a good standing with KO. Whether you wish to compete or not, your membership ensures that each student is covered under the PSO and is mandatory.

Why is this important?

For years there have been a number of studios who have held their own tournaments without a standard of practice. So, Karate Ontario wishes to ensure that there is regulation for combative sports and it is required, by law, to follow the safety guidelines provided (i.e. which gear to use, type of tatami mats, etc…).

Members of the PSO who do not follow these guidelines can be held accountable and may affect the entire governing body.

It will be required for all our students to register/renew their membership with Karate Ontario every January. Kazoku Martial Arts Centre will require a confirmation of your registration, once received, via email for our records – annual fees are approx. $53 or more/year per student and is paid directly to Karate Ontario.

Students who do not submit confirmation of their membership will be required to complete this registration prior to their next belt exam. If KMA is required to handle registration for you, a $25 service fee will be added and billed directly through your membership.

Seiwakai International and JKF Goju Kai

As a member of Seiwakai International and JKF Goju Kai, students who are blue belt or higher will be required to register as a member with a one-time fee of approx. $75 Canadian (fees may differ).

This membership is required to apply for your black belt exam and can be submitted at any time.

Sparring Equipment

All sparring equipment must be WKF approved gear. Any gear that is not approved by the World Karate Federation will not be permitted. This is a standard requirement for athletes to compete in Karate Ontario or WKF style tournament (World Karate Federation).

Students red belt and up must have:

  • WKF approved gloves
  • WKF approved shinguards
  • Mouth guard
  • A cup is required for male students
  • Students who wear glasses can also invest in goggles that protect their glasses or can wear contacts

The dojo will provide a chest protector and/or head protector if required for training.

Equipment can be purchased through KMA to save on shipping and handling (for bulk orders).

Uniform Details, Safety, and Standard Practices

Please try to arrive 10 minutes before your class. When you do arrive, please ensure to remain quiet while the other class is finishing up.

Please ensure your uniform is hemmed above the ankles and just above the wrists. Uniforms should be clean and tidy.

Safety pins are not permitted to hold gi pants together or sparring equipment together. In the case that it comes off during training, it could lead to injury.

For safety, sweaters or thick shirts/polos as well as long track pants that are worn underneath the karate gi is highly discouraged as it may lead to heat exhaustion during class. Students must wear a plain white or black tee under their gi top. Male students can also just wear their gi top if they choose to do so.

Club shirts are also acceptable.

No outdoor shoes are permitted beyond the front desk or on the dojo mats.

Students should have their nails clipped.

Any hair that is long enough to tie into a ponytail should be tied back.

No jewellery is permitted in-class except for medic alert bracelets and religious items. Please inquire with Sensei ahead of time.

Students must have their required gear each class; this includes sparring equipment, mouth guard, and water. For safety, students who do not bring the required equipment will not be able to partake in sparring lessons but can work on a heavy bag for the required drills.

Any student who is found to be at any level of intoxication before or during class will be asked to call for a ride home. A follow-up conversation will be required before the next class.

If you notice anyone sleeping in the breezeway between the two studios or if there is anyone who appears to be intoxicated on the property, please notify Sensei immediately. If it appears that you cannot get to Sensei safely, please notify the police immediately by calling 911.