Personal Training Client/Group Fit Member

“It’s not everyday that you meet someone who takes a vested interest in you as a person, as well as a client or club member. James has skillfully created a community that is inclusive and inspires you to be a better version of yourself. James is a tireless entrepreneur who commits fully to his clients, class members and his business. James is respectful and never belittling, yet pushes you to your fullest potential, and pushes you to reach the heights of who you never believed you could be. I have been a personal training client and Group Fit member for 3 years, and his leadership and now, friendship, have truly inspired me to be my best self. Thank you James! It’s been a pleasure!”


Personal Training Client

“James is a fantastic youth personal trainer. He trains them effectively, while keeping them engaged, and educates them at the same time! James has been training both of my boys now aged 16 and 13 for over three years. He understands the need for age specific training and the importance of form when training with youth. He tailors his workouts both for the boys ages, for the sport they play (basketball), and varies the intensity/focus based on whether they are in-season, off-season, pre-season. My boys have seen tangible improvements in speed, explosiveness, strength, and flexibility. Most importantly James has established such a rapport with the boys that they look forward to training with him! James has also volunteered his time to run some workouts for the regional Boys Ontario Basketball programs.”



“I highly recommend Kazoku Martial Arts. My son was having a lot of problems focusing so we gave karate a try based on another friends recommendation of James. James has been very patient with my son and I have seen an incredible improvement in his overall focus.”


Personal Training Client

“Kazoku Martial Arts is a great place with a welcoming environment . They work really well on pushing everyone to their individual potential and keep it as a very positive experience.”


Parent/Group Fit Member

“Great family-oriented facility, with something for everyone. The group fitness classes are great, and always kept interesting. Having a highly sedentary career, the group fit classes have been great to get me moving again and I have noticed an amazing reduction in my lower back pain (no more old man groans when I have to pick up items off the floor). My oldest child loves the karate classes and he is learning the value of setting goals, and achieving them. Always going above and beyond, extra-curricular events are constantly being held and always imaginative and great for the kids! We are lucky to be members of Kazoku Martial Arts & Fitness community, and look forward to watching it grow!”


Group Fit Member

“This is a very warm and welcoming place. Not only are the staff all very professional and passionate what they do but also very caring and always wanting the best for their clients.”


Parent/Karate Student

“James is very friendly and has lot of patience with the young group of kids taking karate. In addition, he encourages the older kids to help out with coaching the younger group. We have been with James for the past 3 years and loved every minute of it. I do highly recommend and encourage you to join Kazoku Martial Arts.”


Group Fit Member

“The group fitness classes here have literally changed my life. I’ve lost weight, but more than that I now love to exercise and have met some great people! They have very friendly, positive and supportive trainers for all fitness levels.”



“James provides a perfect balance of challenge, fun and discipline for the students at Kazoku Martial Arts Centre. My child has been a student since 2016, and still looks forward with great anticipation to every class. I strongly recommend Kazoku as a place to begin a life-long appreciation for Karate.”



“Very welcoming atmosphere. Sensei James is very knowledgeable and patient with the students. He has a great balance of fun and discipline.”