Sport Karate

WKF Sport Karate

Our dojo is a proud member of the
World Karate Federation, the leader in Sport Karate.

Our studio participates exclusively in WKF related tournaments.
The globally recognized system leading karate into the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Be Sure to Follow Our Competitive Instructor & His Olympic Journey.

Recreational Level

Recreational competition is perfect for students under the age of 10. This gives them the opportunity to test their skills under a little pressure while learning the rules according to the WKF.

Elite Level

The elite level competition is programmed for ages 10 years and up.

This level calls for a higher level of performance to the standards of the WKF.

Top athletes will receive the opportunity to compete for the National Team in National, International, and possibly Olympic Events.

Join Our Team!

Joining our team requires extra practice where you will learn higher level kata’s and kumite techniques.

Add-on Rate:

$25 +hst bi-weekly

For more information on how you can become one of our KMAthletes, send us an email.